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SEND Local Offer

Local Offer – Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)


The purpose of the local offer is to enable parents/carers to see clearly what services are available to support children with SEND in the setting and the procedures they can follow if they have any concerns about their child’s development.

Kidszone values the abilities and achievements of all children and is committed to providing the best possible opportunities and environment for their individual learning and development. To enable us to do this effectively it is vital that we work in partnership with parents/carers as you are the child’s main educator/carer.


How does Kidszone know if children need extra help and what should parents/carers do if they think their child may have SEND?

At Kidszone each child has a named key person, whose role is to develop a caring and trusting relationship with each child.  Your child’s key person will be continuously planning for your child’s individual development through observations, assessments, completion of Early years speech and language development charts, input from families and other professionals, which are linked to the Early years foundation stage (EYFS): Development Matters: ages and stages of development. By doing this effectively it enables key persons to identify individual needs and these are shared with parents/carers and other professionals working with your child, so together we can support your child’s learning and development.

If a parent/carer is concerned about their child’s development can request a meeting with their child’s key person in private, who will offer support if appropriate or may seek advice from our setting SENCO (Special Educational Needs co-ordinator).

Kerry Davies and Alex Oakley are Kidszones trained SENCO’s and can offer advice and support to key person’s, Kidszone assistants and parents/carers or may liaise with other professionals to seek advice on how best to support your child’s individual need.  


How will I be involved in planning for my child?

When your child’s key person has completed either a written observation, Unique child summary, 2 year old check and Early years speech and language development chart, these will be sent home with your child for you to read and make any relevant comment on or an appointment to discuss these can be made if required. Parent/carers are encouraged to be actively involved in Contributing to their child’s ‘Early Years Learning Plan (EYLP)’.

We will work with you to support your child together, Our SENCO will explain how you’re child’s individual needs can be met by planning support using an individual learning and provision plan (EYLP) and accessing



How will the setting prepare and support my child to start the setting, transfer to a new setting or the next stage of education and life?

When a child starts at Kidszone, they are assigned a key person. We offer introductory sessions, these sessions are designed for the child and parents/Carers to form a relationship with the key person, and familiarise themselves with the setting and the staff. The key person will explain their role within the setting and talk to the parents about the child’s likes/dislikes and answer any questions that they may have. Kerry Davies and Alex Oakley are Kidszones trained SENCO’s can also be present to offer any further advice and support. During these sessions any relevant documentation will be completed/checked with the parents/Carers i.e. Registration form and ’all about me forms’. This helps to identify the children’s needs/interests and if any other professionals/agencies are involved with the child and if additional support or EYLP and/or care plan is needed.  

When a child leaves to go to a new setting or move on to school, Kidszone, with the parents’ permission, will communicate with the new setting prior to the child leaving and will pass on any relevant documentation.  Kidszone invite professionals from other settings to come and make contact/observe the child in the nursery as a starting point in building new relationships to ensure a more positive transition for the child.    The Key person and/or the SENCO from the new setting/school are invited to attend a meeting with the key person and/or SENCO from Kidszone and the child’s parents/carers.


Who should I contact if I have concerns about my child’s development?

The first point of contact is the child’s key person or parents/carers are welcome to make an appointment with Kidszone SENCO to discuss any concerns.  Kidszone SENCO or manager will be able to offer advice and will be able to signpost parents/carers to other professionals and/or services that may be able to help e.g. Health Visitor, Children’s Centre.  Kidszone has a named practitioner for behaviour management who can access support for parents/carers from other professionals or agencies.  I.e. Children’s Centre Support Worker.


How do Kidszone adapt the environment, routine and activities to meet children’s needs?

The environment, routine and activities at Kidszone will be adapted where possible, to meet a child’s individual need.  We would work together with the child’s parents/Carers and other professionals on how to best adapt the environment, routine and activities to meet the child’s identified needs.  Kidszone staff use visual strategies, to help children in the daily routine such visual time table and choice cards.   If it is identified a child would benefit from particular equipment, then we would seek advice from our area SENCO, where this may be accessed from.  If it is identified that a child would benefit or needs additional support i.e. one to one, then Kidszone will apply to local authority to access  additional funding to enable the support for the child.




How will I know how my child is developing?

There will be opportunities for planned time to establish relationships between parents, children, the Key person and/or Kidszone SENCO as part of our induction to the setting. We have in place an assessment system for all children such as ongoing observational assessments, two year old progress checks and ongoing termly summary assessments. Each method of observation and assessment is linked to the EYFs ages and stages of development. Each child also has an individual learning journey file which is accessible to children at all times and parents/carers on request.

On a termly  basis we hold a parents/carers consolation evenings  which allows parents/ carers to come and talk with their child’s key person and Kidszone SENCO is available to talk to if required. On a daily basis we provide a daily diary/communication book for our younger children so that parents / carers can share which activities their child has been involved during the day. The setting has an ‘open door’ policy and encourages practitioners to develop strong liaisons with parents/carers at drop off and pick-ups, the key persons have a weekly rota where they open the door, however they are flexible to swop with each other if required. Telephone calls can be used to communicate with parents/carers during the day if the parent /carers prefers.


What support does Kidszone offer for my child’s physical, social and emotional development?

Transitions into the nursery are carefully planned around the needs of the child; this will include trial sessions which are arranged with the key person. The staff approach is inclusive, positive and welcoming to all. On entry to the setting we provide parents/carers with an admissions policy, Safeguarding policy, SEN policy and code of practice. All about me forms are given to parents to complete to help practitioners meet the individual needs of the children. Policies are shared with all staff and parents/carers and a copy is availaible at all times in the reception area.

We provide a flexible approach to routine and environment which are based around the needs of the children. Open, transparent communication is encouraged from the start. Adults act as good role models for positive behaviour and a continual positive approach to behaviour management is used. Kidszone has named practitioner for behaviour management.  The key person builds relationships with child and family and they provide personal care respectfully to all children.

During the day visual time tables, choice cards are used to support children in understanding routine and making independent choices. Children are supported to manage their own personal care and manage risks for themselves through the role of their key person.  Resources are accessible to the children for independent choice. There are sensitive, warm interactions between adults and children. The Area SENCO, if required, will support the settings - SENCO and key persons.  Kidszone work closely with other professionals who can provide support for children and their families, we liaise with professionals from children’s centres, outside agencies such as occupational therapists, sensory inclusion service.  



Who else do we work with?

At Kidszone we work closely with our area SENCO, occupational therapists, sensory inclusion team,speech and language therapist, children centres  and professionals from the child development centre. Kidszone will seek advice or arrange an appointment with other outside professionals/agencies, if it is in the Childs best interest and parents/carers give permission.


What expertise does the staff have of supporting children with SEND?

Kidszone staff are all qualified in Early years and as part of their qualification they would have accessed child development training. The staff receive on-going training in the early years through in house training, local authority training and training from independent organisations. Over half the staff are first aid trained and some have attended ‘Communicating Matters’ courses. Our setting was part of the government initiative ‘Every Child A Talker’, where this practice is still continued.  We have three members of staff that are SENCO trained and four members of staff are trained in Makaton. Members of our staff team have also accessed training in Behavioural management, ‘Listen with Lucy’, ‘Ensuring Inclusion’, and ‘Autistic Spectrum in the Early Years’.

Staff deepen their knowledge and practice by working closely with professionals/other agencies that work with the individual children including those that come into our setting to support both the child and ourselves.


How will you help me to support my child?

Kidszone have communication systems in place, for example daily diaries for the younger children, parent/carer consultation evenings, informal parent/carer meetings, daily conversations with parents/carers when they drop off or collect their child, newsletters and through the website. At Kidszone we communicate with the parents/carers in several forms for example Text, phone call, email, face to face, letter. Children’s learning journeys are available for parents/carers to contribute to or look through upon request and all full written observations i.e. learning story, summaries with child’s next steps on are shared with parents/carers once completed. All full written observations also include ideas on activities that can be done in the home to help the child achieve their next identified step. If your child has a particular identified need the setting will work in partnership with Parents/carers and other professionals/agencies that are involved to jointly complete the child’s EYLP and/or EHAF to seek other professionals/agencies to support your child. This ensures parents/carers understand the process, the support that their child requires and /or will be receiving and the role of other professionals/agencies that are or will be working with the child and family.


Written By: Mrs Kerry Davies, Ann Norwood & Alex Oakley

Date:  30/09/14