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Polcies & Procedures



Below is a summary of each policy. Full copies of all policies and procedures are available on request







At Kidszone we believe that it is always unacceptable for a child or young person to experience abuse of any kind and recognize our responsibilities to safeguard the welfare of all children and young people. We follow Shropshire’s Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) guidance and recognize that the welfare of the child is paramount.


All children regardless of age, disability, gender, ethnic background, cultural heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation or any other human diversity have the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse. Working in partnership with children, young people, their families, carers and other agencies is essential to safeguard children and promote their welfare. Any suspicions of abuse will be dealt with following SSCB procedures.







At Kidszone we believe that children and adults flourish best in a relaxed environment where they are free to play and learn without fear of being hurt or restricted by anyone else, where everyone knows what is expected of them and where self discipline and self esteem can develop in an atmosphere of encouragement and mutual respect.



Equality of Opportunities


Policy and Procedure


Kidszone wants each and every child to achieve their full potential and is totally committed to actively providing equality of opportunity for all children and their families. We will provide an environment where every child can flourish and where every child’s individual background, ability, culture and beliefs are equally respected and celebrated. Kidszone’s commitment to equality and diversity also relates to all staff, students, volunteers and applicants in the setting.



Admissions policy and procedure


Kidszone will provide a warm, welcome and appropriate learning opportunity which is accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community through open, fair and clearly communicated procedures.


Medicines Policy and Procedure


Kidszone believe that children with medical needs have the same rights of admission as other children and we will support any child who has medical needs or requires ongoing medication whenever he/she is in our care.  When children have been away because of illness, it is our policy to re-admit them as soon as they are well enough to attend, and we recognise that these children may still be receiving a course of treatment.  We will therefore administer medicines in certain circumstances, with prior parental consent, but where possible medicines should normally be given at home.







Kidszone aims to provide the very highest standard of care for all children. Children and their parents/carers are entitled to expect a warm welcome, courtesy at all times, and prompt careful attention to their needs and wishes. We will work co-operatively with parents and carers to ensure this. We welcome any feedback, whether positive or negative, on the service we provide.


Any complaints will be dealt with promptly and the complainant will receive a response of any actions taken within 20 days of the complaint being made.

Any unresolved complaints will be referred to Ofsted.



Recruitment and Retention


Policy and Procedure


Kidszone recognises that recruiting and retaining the right staff is at the heart of improving our practice and the outcomes for children. Kidszone aim to create and maintain a team of skilled, balanced, conscientious and committed team that reflects the diversity of the children and people we serve.



No Smoking Policy and Procedure


Kidszone recognises and respects all the health advantages of a smoke free environment, for both children and adults. Therefore smoking is prohibited in and around the premises.



Health and safety


Accidents and First Aid policy and procedure


Kidszone believes in ensuring that appropriate systems are in place to deal with emergencies such as accidents and injuries. Kidszone staff are appropriately qualified to administer first aid. If a child becomes seriously ill or injured during attendance and Kidszone, Kidszone reserves the right to call for emergency assistance so that the appropriate medical emergency treatment can be given.



Health and Safety


Infection control Policy and Procedure


Kidszone aim to protect the health and safety of the children and adults who come into our setting.  We will take appropriate measures to avoid and prevent the spread of infections.  Kidszone will follow and implement Health and safety laws and ensure that employers liability insurance is in place.


Health and Safety: Uncollected child All children attending Kidszone should be collected by their parent/carer or an identified adult at the appropriate time. We appreciate that there are times when parents/carers are unavoidably delayed and we will do our best to accommodate these occasions, but in the event of a child being uncollected at the agreed finish time, we will put our Uncollected child procedure in to place. The staff at Kidszone will ensure that the child is kept safe and occupied so they minimise get anxiety or distress.



Health and safety


Missing child policy and procedure


Kidszone believe the safety and wellbeing of all children is paramount and we have systems in place to ensure that no child is able to leave the setting unaccompanied. In the unlikely event of a child becoming lost, Kidszone have robust procedures in place which will be followed immediately.



Health and Safety: Arrival and Departure


Kidszone aims to ensure that the arrival and departure of all people at the building is recorded and that the children’s safety is never compromised by adults’ arrival and departures.  At Kidszone all doors are secure so that people cannot enter the building freely.



Health and Safety


Emergency Evacuation and Fire safety


Policy and Procedure


Kidszone meets the regulatory reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and take reasonable steps to reduce the risk of fire and make sure all children and adults can escape if there is a fire. Kidszone will do this by carrying out a fire-risk assessment and by having an effective emergency escape plan.  Kidszone will ensure that all concerned are appropriately informed of both the emergency escape plan and the fire risk assessment so that appropriate safe action is taken in the event of an emergency and all concerned are aware how to reduce the risks of fire.



Health and Safety: Security of Premises


Policy and Procedure


At Kidszone we believe the safety of children and adults is of paramount importance.  The premises both indoors and outdoors must be safe and secure. Kidszone has detailed procedures in place to ensure that effective systems are implemented and maintained, this includes arrival and departure procedures.



Partnership with Parents


Policy and Procedure


At Kidszone we see parents as our partners, as they are the main carer and educator of their child.  Their views and ideas are respected and play a major part in their child’s care and learning.



Play policy and procedure


At Kidszone we believe every child whatever age, ethnic background or ability should be able to play and it is their right to play.  We provide a safe, stimulating environment both indoors and outdoors where children will be given the opportunity and time to play independently or with their peers with confidence.


Nappy Changing and toilet training


policy and procedure


At Kidszone we ensure that nappies are changed in a caring and hygienic manner with minimum distress to the child in a way agreed with the parents.  Kidszone will minimise the spread of disease and cross infection in the setting by providing all staff members with clear procedures for nappy changing and toileting of babies and young children.  The procedures encourage practices which are:




•Sensitive to the child’s routine at home,


•Flexible to allow children’s competencies to grow so that they can practice new skills in a supportive, unhurried environment.



Kidszone and Eastern Oswestry Tea and Toddlers Group


Working in Partnership


Policy and Procedure


Kidszone and Eastern Oswestry Tea and Toddlers Group believe in working in partnership to enable the children attending, to access a wide variety of activities and resources to help them achieve their full potential in all five outcomes for children.


• Be Healthy


• Stay Safe


• Enjoy and Achieve


• Make a positive contribution


• Achieve economic well being


STATEMENT OF CONFIDENTIALITY my position at Kidszone understand that anything I hear or observe, concerning any child or their family in the child care setting, must be treated in the strictest confidence, and must not be discussed with anyone other than the Kidszone Management as all information will be shared on a need to know basis within our setting.  No personal information concerning a child or their family should be shared outside our setting.  I also understand any photographs taken in relation to Kidszone and our practice should only be taken on Kidszone equipment and all images to be used solely for Kidszone practice.  No images related to Kidszone will be uploaded to any network sites.  I understand that personal mobile phones must be turned off and handed in to Kidszone Management at the beginning of every shift and will be released at the end of my shift.